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Patient Transport – Booking Form

Welcome to Patient Transport

鶹 Victoria (AV) provides non emergency patient transport services in accordance with the and the Non-Emergency Clinical Practice Protocols (CPPs). Patient Transport services are accessed through pre-booked appointments or for cases where an urgent emergency response (within 90 minutes) is not required.

If it is an emergency, you should contact Triple Zero (000)

Clinic Transport Services (CTS) Bookings – Metro Only

AV’s Clinic Transport Services are available Monday to Friday, 7am to 4pm within the Metropolitan defined area. Our vehicles are equipped with in-house walker, walker assist and hoist.

Through our booking process we accommodate patients based on their clinical needs and the extent of their ability to ambulate independently, with or without assistance.

here for the CTS form

WalkerԻWalker AssistPatients must be able to:

  • Walk unassisted, or with the help of a frame or a stick.
  • Climb two steps into a minibus.
  • Comfortably enter and exit a station wagon with minimal assistance.
  • Travel comfortably in a seated position.

Clinic Transport Services (CTS) Walker/Walker Assist/Hoist Bookings (Metropolitan Only) Phone: 1300 360 929

Wheelchair confined patients may be transferred by hoist into aHoistvehicle and transported with their own wheelchair.

Please Note: Patients may not be suitable for transport by CTS if they:

  • Require intervening treatment, monitoring, IV therapy, oxygen or clinical observations whilst in transit.
  • Require transport for mental health conditions.
  • Are unable to travel with other patients for infection control or other reasons.
  • Need to be transported directly to an Emergency Department.
  • The patient’s weight, girth or clinical requirements mean that an alternative resource (for example, CPAV) is warranted in the circumstances.

Faxed booking requests will only be accepted for bookings needing walkers, walker-assists and hoist transports which will be undertaken by AV’s Clinic Transport Service (CTS) in metropolitan Melbourne.

Rural Stretcher and Walker Patients

ٰٳ貹پԳٲ may be low, medium, or high acuity and require treatment, monitoring, observation, or supervision during transport.

Complex Patient 鶹 Vehicles (CPAV)are used for transports where specialist on-board equipment is required. The CPAV crew may assist an emergency ambulance to lift or extract a patient, or where patients cannot be accommodated using an alternate platform.

All patient transports are assessed under stringent clinical guidelines overseen by the AV Medical Advisory Committee and the Department of Health.

Non-Emergency Patient Transport Bookings

The Triple Zero Victoria receive and process bookings submitted by medical professionals for patient transport then dispatch available resources based on the patient’s acuity and clinical requirements. Triple Zero Victoria determine the most appropriate service for the patient on a case-by-case basis.

Bookings must meet the following criteria as set out in the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Regulations 2016 and the 鶹 Service Payment Guidelines:

  1. Be clinically necessary.
  2. The patient must require active clinical monitoring and/or supervision during transport.
  3. The transport request is authorised by an appropriate medical professional.

Triple Zero Victoria Patient Transport Bookings
Request Form:
Phone: 1300 366 313

NOTE: Bookings for Patient Transport must be made using the online Request form.

Billable Transports

Billable transports are transports that do not meet the 鶹 Service Payment Guidelines and cannot be booked via Triple Zero Victoria. If a patient’s circumstances do not meet the guidelines for patient transport and/or the patient is personally responsible for payment, they can contact a patient transport provider directly to request a quote as to the cost of the proposed transport.

Please refer to the public register offor a list of patient transport providers.

Where a transport is billable, the responsibility for payment is managed directly between a provider and individual who contract them to provide a service. AV is not involved in this process and has no visibility over quotes provided by Patient Transport providers.

For a copy of the 鶹 Service Payment Guidelines, see the .

Frequently Asked Questions

The online booking form can be found on the Patient Transport webpage from 16 March 2023 at and search for “Patient Transport

The contact us link is located on the Patient Transport web page. If your booking is for the same day, please contact Triple Zero Victoria on 1300 366 313.

Yes. AV are working towards future enhancements to the booking process, however at this stage CTS bookings for metropolitan transports have not been incorporated into the online booking form. You can access the form here.

AV Patient Transport services are available to those who are eligible as per the criteria within the and 鶹 Payment Guidelines. Further details regarding Patient Transport bookings can be found here.

For bookings involving Mental Health patients, please utilise 1300 366 313.

For all emergency transport requests, please use Triple Zero (000).

No, fax transport requests will not be accepted from the 16 of March 2023. Please use the online form found here. However, Metro CTS bookings can continue to be requested via fax (see above).

Yes. As per the current process, all return transport requests will only be actioned once Triple Zero Victoria receive a confirmation the patient is ready for transport from the requester. This also applies to any recurring return trips.

Yes. You will receive a confirmation email to advise your booking has been received and a further confirmation email from Triple Zero Victoria to advise that your booking has been processed.

No. IHTs should be booked through the hospital’s Health Share Victoria private contractor booking portal. Further details on this can be found here.

No. The current management of Patient Transport resources is confined to a 14-day period. This is under review and any changes will be communicated on the Patient Transport webpage.

The contact us link is located on the Patient Transport web page or email

If your booking is for today, please contact Triple Zero Victoria on 1300 366 313.